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Dog Walking

60 mins walk - £11.00

45 mins walk - £9.00

30 mins walk - £7.00

* All prices based on one dog, once a day - For group walks no more than 4 dogs per adult walked at any one time

** additional dogs from the same household charged at £5.00 per dog.

Home Boarding

Day Care - £15.00

24 hr care - £20.00.

All boarders must be dog and human friendly, non-aggressive, toilet trained, non destructive and preferably neutered.

*Additional dogs from the same household charged at half price.

Cat, Puppy and Pet Pop Ins

Pop ins - 1 x day  £7.00

Pop ins - 2 x day £12.00.

This service can include the provision of fresh food and water and cleaning of both feeding areas and litter boxes. We can also administer medication (as long as a permission form has been signed)  and cuddles and play if needed.  Also suitable for puppy visits which can include play, cuddle, toileting and mini walks.  Up to 3 animals.  Additional animals charged at £1 per animal.

House Sitting

This service offers peace of mind for those with puppies or animals that don't do well away from their own home.  They may be elderly, territorial, unsociable or anxious. This service can include opening and closing curtains, picking up post, feeding, playtime and cuddles and an overnight stay.  Dogs will be left for no more than 4 hrs at any one time 

Day care:  £25

With overnight stay £35

All services provided are subject to our Terms & Conditions.